Insulated Wire & Cable

Agencies such as UL, NEMA, CSA and BSI require specific spark test procedures and apparatus to insure that their standards for wire and cable production are met.

Manufacturers are also using spark testers after interim processes such as twinning, taping, bunching, marking, cabling, jacketing, and repackaging.  Checking for damage at key production points prevents damaged product from further processing.

Clinton offers spark testers for these and many other applications.  Fault locators, calibrators, and accessories such as light/alarm towers, communication modules, air wipes, and handheld pinhole detectors are also available.

To view an animation demonstrating how the spark test works, click here.



  • UL1581 wire
  • Telecommunication products
  • Large cable
  • Jacketed cable with metallic shield
  • Aerospace wire
  • Delicate, low voltage products


For assistance in finding the correct spark tester for your application, complete the Wire & Cable Product Questionnaire.