AC-30A and AC-30AS Mains Frequency Spark Testers

AC-30A and AC-30AS

30KV Digital Mains Frequency Spark Testers

The AC-30 AC Digital Mains Frequency Spark Tester has 3 separate components:

  • Rugged electrode with simple string up and automatic bead placement
  • Digital control unit that can be located up to 200 feet away
  • Adjustable height floor stand

The AC-30 can work standalone or can be part of a computer-controlled line, receiving and responding to commands through an RS-485 port or other communication modules. Several electrode sizes are available to test a range of products and line speeds.

The new AC-30AS features a unique self-adjusting transformer proven to maximize test voltage on high speed and high capacitance cables without an increase in current.



  • Automatic bead chain placement
  • Rugged electrode with visual/audible alarms
  • Versatile installation
  • CE approved

Typical Test Products

  • Large cable diameters to 5″
  • Jacketed cable with metallic shield
  • Many insulation types
  • Line speeds to 1200 fpm (depending on cable construction)


For assistance in finding the correct spark tester for your application, complete the Wire & Cable Product Questionnaire.