Clinton offers a number of accessories for spark testers:

    • Model X3A Horn/Light Tower indicates faults registered on a spark tester with a loud alarm and large alert lights.¬† The alert lights display in 360 degrees for easy and clear visibility. The X3A is often used by an operator tending more than one machine. (on an extrusion line, for example), alerting him from a distance when a fault occurs.
    • The Model HV-35 Hand-Held Probe is a versatile tool used to detect pinholes and defects in a wide range of different product types.
    • Heavy duty adjustable floor stands with wire line height¬†adjustable from 39″ – 43″ support both control unit and electrode, conserving precious floor space.
    • ¬†Ethernet, analog, and profibus modules connect to the RS485 ports of Clinton spark testers to afford communications with new and old technologies on the line.
    • Fault Sensitivity Probes are available for Clinton AC, DC and High Frequency Spark Testers.

HV-35 with electrodes

AM Analog Module on spark tester

Model X3A Horn/Light Tower on spark tester

AC-SP, GND-SP, DC-SP and HF-SP Sensitivity Probes