Cable Fault Locators

Cable Fault Locators

Clinton now offers a new  digital cable fault locator design that automates cable fault detection, greatly reducing the time and training required to find these problems.  Opens, metallic shorts, or high voltage shorts between conductors or between conductor and shield are pinpointed quickly and with ease. The failure can then be cut out or repaired and the remaining good product salvaged, resulting in great savings to the producer.

The Model FL-20A is a tabletop mains-powered cable fault locator that can work to 20KV.  The Model FL-8A works to 8KV DC and runs on a rechargeable battery.  It is suitable for field testing of marine and ROV cables and is packaged in a case designed for a rugged environment.  Both units feature a color touch screen and automated test sequences for finding shorts, opens, and metallic shorts.

FL-20A Cable Fault Locator

FL-8A Portable Cable Fault Locator


Typical Test Products

  • Long lengths of multi-conductor and shielded cable
  • ROV and umbilical cable
  • Marine cable
  • Cables with minimum loop resistance of  50 milliohms (to find metallic shorts)
  • Cables with minimum loop resistance of 300 milliohms (to find high voltage shorts)