FL-20A Cable Fault Locator


Cable Fault Locator

Reels of rejected multi-conductor and shielded cable sitting on the production floor are an expensive problem. Until now, finding opens and shorts with an analog cable fault locator took expertise and patience.

The digital FL-20A automates cable fault detection, greatly reducing the time and training required to find these problems. Opens, metallic shorts, or high voltage shorts between conductors or between conductor and shield are pinpointed quickly and with ease. The failure can then be cut out or repaired and the remaining good product salvaged, resulting in great savings to the producer.




  •  Quickly locates opens, shorts and high voltage shorts in cable lengths
  • Fully automated testing
  • Color touch screen
  • Compact, lightweight

Typical Test Products

  • Long lengths of multi-conductor and shielded cable
  • Cables with minimum loop resistance of  50 milliohms (to find metallic shorts)
  • Cables with minimum loop resistance of 300 milliohms (to find high voltage shorts)