FL-8A Portable Cable Fault Locator


Portable Cable Fault Locator

Long lengths of cable used in land drilling, offshore  well development and production, marine and ROV applications are routinely subject to mechanical shock as well as electrical and thermal stress. Damage to these multi-conductor constructions, which may contain crucial power, control signal and video conductors, can result in down time and costly cable replacement.

Clinton introduces the Model FL-8A, a battery operated cable fault locator that can be used on site to accurately pinpoint opens and shorts in these cables.  Built to withstand a demanding environment, the unit performs a quick, automated test.  Many times, most of the cable can be recovered and put back into service.

*Note:  Pending CE approval

FL-8A Portable Cable Fault Locator



  • Battery operated
  • Quickly locates opens and shorts in cable lengths
  • Fully automated testing
  • Color touch screen
  • Robust design for harsh environments

Typical Test Products

  • ROV and marine cable
  • Control cable in gas and oil production
  • Long lengths of multi-conductor and shielded cable