Spark test calibrators are essential for checking and maintaining spark test equipment accuracy.  Clinton offers the STCAL Modular Calibration System and the optional SM Sensitivity Module as well as several probes for quick verification of spark test function.

The STCAL is used to calibrate the voltage of High Frequency spark testers, most AC mains spark testers to 30kV, and DC spark testers to 40kV. A Windows-based tablet contains numerous spark test profiles that walk the operator through each calibration. A Calibration Certificate is generated for download, storage or printing.

The SM Sensitivity Module checks a spark tester’s fault detection sensitivity to current norms such as  EN50356, IEC/CEI 62230 and NEMA specifications.

AC-SP, DC-SP and HF-SP Sensitivity Probes verify the integrity of the fault count circuitry in Clinton spark test systems.

STCAL Modular Spark Test Calibration System

SM Sensitivity Module

AC-SP, GND-SP, DC-SP and HF-SP Sensitivity Probes


Typical Uses

  • Most AC, DC, and High Frequency Spark Testers