STCAL Spark Test Calibrator


Spark test calibrators are essential for checking and maintaining spark test equipment accuracy.  Clinton has developed a modular calibration system for AC mains, high frequency, and DC spark testers. The system includes separate high- and low-frequency voltmeters, a Windows-based touch-screen tablet, and connecting cables.

To calibrate, select the correct voltmeter, connect it to the spark tester and the tablet, select the spark tester profile, and follow the on-screen instructions. The system will generate a Certificate of Calibration that can be downloaded or printed. Data is traceable to NIST standards when the STCAL is integrated in an effective quality assurance program.

Ideal for high frequency spark testers, the STCAL is a lightweight, easy-to-use calibrator accurate at frequencies where high voltage probes are not.

The optional SM Sensitivity Module was recently added as a means to check a spark tester’s fault detection sensitivity to EN50356, IEC/CEI 62230 and NEMA specifications.

The SM has a rotating spark gap that controls arc duration and gap distance. The operator simply selects the type of test to be performed; the SM displays the detection current and the required number of controlled faults the spark tester must identify to meet the norm. After the test, the operator compares the SM fault count to the faults counted by the spark tester to determine its conformity with the specification.



  • Modular, lightweight components
  • User-friendly touchscreen
  • Built-in spark tester profiles
  • Generates calibration certificates

Typical Test Products

  • High Frequency Spark Testers, all manufacturers
  • AC Mains Spark Testers to 30kV, most manufacturers
  • DC Spark Testers to 40kV, most manufacturers
  • Clinton Cable Fault Locators