DC Spark Testers

Direct Current (DC) spark testers are often specified in test standards for telecommunications cables and are allowed in some UL standards, including UL 444.  Because DC generates practically no corona and no heat, it is a gentler test and can be used to test delicate insulation with weak dielectric properties.  It is also recommended for wires with foamed dielectric.

Since DC test voltages do not decrease as a result of capacitance, very large wires and multiple conductors can be tested with one power supply.  DC is often used in cabling operations, testing as many as 25 twisted pair within a single group electrode.

Low capacitance properties make the DC test highly adaptable to pinhole detection applications, such as the testing of multiple cavity high volume plastic parts.

Clinton’s extensive DC product line includes 1, 10, and 20kV models, multi-electrode units, aqualytic spark testers for delicate products, a remote spark tester for use within a twinning machine, and systems for testing plastic parts produced in batches.

Please consult the factory for assistance with your application.  Samples are tested confidentially and free of charge.

DC-10AC/BD-14 with X3A Horn/Light Tower

STM-GF Multi-Electrode Spark Tester

TST-10W with Twinning Machine

Aqualytic Electrode


 Typical Test Products

  • UL444 wire
  • Telecommunications products
  • Foam-insulated wire


For assistance in finding the correct spark tester for your application, complete the Wire & Cable Product Questionnaire.