Aqualytic Spark Testers

1KV and 5KV DC Aqualytic Spark Testers

Clinton Aqualytic Spark Testers are designed to test products too fragile for a high contact electrode. The Aqualytic Electrode holds a conducting liquid which completely encompasses the insulation surface and applies the test potential to the moving product.  Because there is no mechanical contact with the product, ultra-thin film, foam and miniature cable insulations as well as magnet wire coatings can be tested accurately without damage. Products to 0.125″ in diameter may be tested at typical wire line speeds.

Aqualytic Electrode



  • Reliable DC spark testing for fragile products
  • Aqualytic electrode
  • Available in 1KV and 5KV voltage ranges
  •  Non-destructive

Typical Test Products

  • Ultra-thin film, foam and miniature cable insulations 
  • Magnet wire coatings
  • Products to 0.125″ in diameter


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