DC-AC, -AR, and -A Spark Testers

DC-AC, -AR, & -A Spark Testers

Digital DC Spark Tester Series

Clinton’s DC-AC, DC-AR, and DC-A Digital D.C. Spark Testers will fit almost anywhere on the wire line, working either as a standalone spark tester or as part of a fully process-controlled quality system.

 The spark tester is available in 1KV, 10KV, and 20KV models and in five configurations:

  • DC-AC all-in-one spark tester
  • DC-AR spark tester and remote 19″ ARC display located up to 200 feet away
  • DC-AR spark tester and remote BRC Smart Controller located up to 200 feet away
  • DC-AR spark tester, without display, that receives and responds to digital commands from a PLC or computer
  • DC-A spark tester, without electrode, for use with a customer-supplied sensor

 Test parameters are entered on the front panel or through the RS-485 port. Wiring is done externally, and alarms and lights that activate when a fault is detected can be connected at the rear panel.  If bare wire is a concern, the spark tester with BRC Smart Controller can identify lengths of bare wire 1/2″ or longer, based on line speed indication from an encoder, tachometer signal or serial interface.

 Clinton electrodes are available for a broad range of product sizes and shapes.   The BD-14 4″ long electrode meets UL444 test standards for communications cables at virtually any line speed.  1KV versions with high density brush electrodes accurately test at voltages from approximately 50 volts to 1000 volts DC and are non-destructive.

If the electrode is customer-supplied, a safetyl interlock cable assembly is included to remove test voltage on it when the electrode guard is lifted.

DC-10AR/BD-14 with BRC Smart Controller

DC-20AC/BD-14 All-in-one Spark Tester

DC-20AR/BR-1A with computer

DC-20A control unit, no electrode



  • Reliable DC spark testing at any speed
  • 1KV, 10KV and 20KV models
  • Versatile configurations
  • Test voltages from 50v
  • Optional bare wire identification
  • CE approved

Typical Test Products

  • UL444 wire
  • Solid or foam insulations
  • Small to 2″ diameter
  • Line speeds to 10,000 fpm with BD-14 electrode
  • Contact factory regarding customer-supplied sensors


For assistance in finding the correct spark tester for your application, complete the Wire & Cable Product Questionnaire.