TST-10W Wireless Digital DC Spark Tester


Wireless DC Spark Tester

The TST-10W instantly detects insulation damage that can occur during the twisting of wire within a twinning machine. The TSTW high voltage power supply and miniature electrode sit within the rotating flyer of the twinning machine, identifying faults at the critical moment before the product is wound up onto the takeup reel.

The wireless BRC-W control unit remains outside the twinner and can be located up to 50 feet away.  A 24v signal inside the twinning machine can provide wireless communication between high voltage components and the control unit, eliminating the need for troublesome control loop slip rings.  A single slip ring can provide power to the test module if the required 24v signal is not readily available inside the twinner.

To view an animation demonstrating how the TST-10W works, click here.

Depiction of TST-10W with twinning machine



  • Reliable spark testing during twinning
  • No control loop slip rings required
  • Uses 24v DC from inside twinner
  •  Bare wire identification
  • CE approved

Typical Test Products

  • Twisted pair small diameter wires
  • Solid and foam insulations
  • Line speeds to 10,000 fpm


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