STM-GF Multi-Electrode DC Spark Tester


Multi-Electrode DC Spark Tester

The STM-GF Multi-Electrode DC Spark Tester is a cost-effective system for spark testing  multi-conductor constructions during bunching and cabling.  As many as seven high voltage test modules, strategically placed to test each cable element just prior to closing or jacketing, are connected to a single 10KV or 20KV STM spark tester.

Each HV Test Module connects directly to the STM control unit and may be located as far as 60 meters (approx. 200 feet) away.



  • Individual testing of multiple conductors
  • Up to 7 test modules per control unit
  • ¬†10KV and 20KV models

Typical Test Products

  • Multi-conductor constructions prior to cabling
  • Small to 2″ diameter
  • Solid or foam insulations
  • UL444 products


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