Pinhole Detectors for Plastics

In-Line Pinhole Detectors for Plastics

Manufacturers of plastic film, sheet and high volume plastic parts have long sought a reliable method of locating pinholes and flaws during production.  When defects go undetected, the result can be costly rejections and loss of customer confidence.

High voltage pinhole detection technology is a new method of quality control for plastic and plastic- coated materials, adaptable to many types of manufacturing operations.  Clinton pinhole detectors perform a 100% inspection on the manufacturing line, insuring product reliability and averting further processing of substandard material.


To view an animation demonstrating how the pinhole test works, click here.


Typical Test Products

  • High volume plastic parts
  • Plastic corrugated tubing
  • Plastic sheet, film and laminated fabrics
  • Parts tested in customer-supplied electrodes


For assistance in finding the correct pinhole detector for your application, complete the Pinhole Detection Product Questionnaire.